Cheapest universities in Australia

10 Cheapest Universities In Australia

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Cheapest universities in Australia

If you have been looking for cheapest universities in Australia to pursue your studies then you are at the right place. When you think of Australia, what comes into your mind? Do you think of wide open spaces of bush, Koalas, fresh air and clean water? Australia is has become a study aboard destination for some international students who seek to study in a friendly, laid-back nature environment. Australia universities has a reliable record of excellent educational system. Today’s article will focus on 10 cheapest tuition universities in Australia. But before we jump into that, lets consider the benefits of studying in Australia.

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  1. Australian universities are highly recognized globally.
  2. It’s has popular destination for many international students.
  3. The cost of living for international students in Australia is relatively cheap.
  4. Varieties of courses and degrees
  5. You can work while studying in Australia
  6. Tuition in some universities in Australia are cheap.
  7. Australia Universities are Highly Recognized:

People seek to gain admission into Australian universities  for this singular reason. After all, what sense would it make for you to study aboard and still be job hunting?  The education system in Australia is of high standard, regulated by the government in Australia.

  1. Australia is a Popular Destination for International Students:

In the English-speaking world , Australia  is third most popular universities. The admission rate of international students is quite high, because of the friendly nature of the environment.

  1. Cost of Living

The cost of living in Australia is relatively cheap. An international students can spend $2,835 per month to care for basic needs.

  1. Varieties of Courses and Degrees in Australian Universities

Australian universities often meet and cater for most of the needs of international students when it comes to which degree program to choose. This is because Australian universities, offer a variety of courses and degrees. Some popular courses offered in Australian universities are:

– Computer  Sciences and Technology

– Medical Sciences

– Engineering

– Architecture

–  Business Management

– Business Analytics

–  Geology

  1. Work while Studying in Australia

Yes, you can work while studying in Australia.

As an international student, you may be allowed to work up to 20 hours, weekly while studying in Australia. This would be especially beneficial to students who may not have enough funds to

study aboard.

  1. Low Tuition

You can study in some universities in Australia with low tuition. This is because most universities in Australia are funded by Australian government. Let’s discuss some ten (10) of such universities.





The University of Divinty is one of the cheapest universities in Australia for international students.

Tuition : about $14,688 per year.


The University of southern Queensland is yet another cheapest university in Australia for international students.  You can study law, education and arts, amongst other courses in The University of Southern Queensland.

Ranking: The University of Southern Queensland, Australia is ranked #501 by Times Higher Education (2021).

Tuition: about $24,000 per year.


Located in the Capital City of Queensland, The University of Queensland is a public reasearf university.

Rankings:  It is ranked #48 in the world by Top Universities Ranking (2021).

Tuition:   about $25,800 per year.


If you wish to study medicine in Australia, this is the university for you. The MBA programs in Southern Cross University (SCU) is rated 4/5 stars. That rating was done by the Graduate Management Association of Australia (GMAA).

Tuition fee : about $26,600 per year.


The University is a public university situated at Bruce, Canberra.

Tuition : about $26,800 per year.



There are seven campuses all around Australia including Rome in Australia Catholic University

Application fee to Australian Catholic University is worth, $110

Tuition fee –  $27,960 per year.



Charles Darwin University is yet another cheapest university in Australia. But Charles Darwin University is a peculiar university. It offers training courses with flexible study options, either within the campus or online.

Ranking: #701 by Top Universities Ranking (2021).

Application is free here.

No application fee is required.

Tuition fee:  about 27,600 per year.


University of Adelaide a public university in Adelaide, is one of the oldest universities in Australia.

Ranking: The University of Adelaide is ranked #80

Application fee here is :$100

Tuition :  about $32,500 per year.


James Cook University is a public university in North Queensland, Australia. James Cook University programmers are mainly on research in the fields of genetics and genomics, marine sciences, tropical health care, amongst others.

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Ranking: James Cook University is ranked #201 by Times Higher Education Ranking (2021)

Application fee  in James Cook University is  some $100.

Tuition fee –  $28,000/year.


Macquarie University is a popular university in the metropolitan areas of Sydney , It offers varities of part-time programmes as well as full- time programmes for international students and also for domestic students.

The amount of Admission fee required is about $75.

Tuition:  $35,926 per year.

Hope you enjoyed reading our article on 10 cheapest universities in Australia for international students. If you want to study in any of these cheapest universities in Australia, we advise that you contact the university and request for more information.

Is Studying In Australia Cheap?

It is cheaper to study in Australia for domestic students, as it is in many other countries, especially for those who are successful in applying for a Commonwealth sponsored place, which means that study fees are primarily funded by the government. Domestic graduate students’ tuition fees are calculated in a similar manner.

How Can I Study In Australia For Free?

Scholarships are the finest way to study for free in Australia. Scholarships are available at Australian universities for both international and domestic students. These options may be able to help you save money on your tuition or maybe cover it entirely.

How Much Can Student Earn In Australia?

How much do part-time jobs for international students pay in Australia? Working on-campus and off-campus throughout the term of full-time study earns a student on a Student Visa a minimum wage of $18.23 per hour or $719.20 every 38-hour week (before tax).

What’s The Cheapest Course In Australia?

This year, the Diploma of Leadership and Management is the lowest or least priced study option in Australia for international students (2021). The tuition is $1,500 every three months, and the curriculum is two years long.

How Easy Is It To Get PHD In Australia?

In Australia, potential PhD candidates must have a strong academic record, and those with a first-class undergraduate degree or a very high upper second-class bachelor degree will have the appropriate academic credentials to apply for a PhD research job.

How Easy It Is To Get Job In Australia?

Is it easy to find work in Australia? The work market in Australia is quite competitive. Particularly for foreigners, not all occupations and abilities are in equal demand. The most in-demand sectors for foreigners include hospitality, construction, and education.

Is Living In Australia Expensive?

Australia’s average cost of living may be higher than most people anticipate. While most Australian cities are still less expensive than New York City, London, or Paris, the country’s large size and isolation make it a costly location to live.

Can I Go With My Spouse To Australia?

Is it possible to bring my husband to Australia on a study visa? If you are married and applying for an Australia Study Visa, you may bring your spouse with you. If the primary applicant meets the Visa requirements, the spouse will also be granted a visa.

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